The Mermaid of Benbecula


The Mermaid of Benbecula
by Michaela Sagatova

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The Mermaid of Benbecula
by Michaela Sagatova

In 1830, according to local lore, a group of women were cutting seaweed at low tide when they were startled by a loud splash from an otherwise calm sea. Approaching the spot the ladies were surprised to see a miniature woman splashing about the surf.
At once they summoned the men and boys of the village who tried in vain to capture the creature.
One of the boys threw a stone and struck the mermaid and she disappeared under the waves.
A few days later it is said that her body washed up on shore nearby, and she was buried in a coffin with a special shroud ordered by the sherif.
completely hand fabricated with sterling silver sheet
based on an original graphite sketch
features 2 pink sapphires (lab grown) and a huge pink paua shell
2 hand cut and detailed mermaids circle the shell
size is 68x55mm
a removable blackened sterling silver 18″ rolo chain threads through a large jump ring
please note, the paua shell is fragile


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