The Witch Hare


The Witch Hare

Artist: Nadia Turner

Art Type: Painting & Drawing

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The Witch Hare
Nadia Turner (Wayward Harper)
Acrylic on Paper (Framed)
Framed Size: 9 x 11 inches

Payment Plan available on request to help secure this beautiful piece

Includes the words “I sall go intill ane haire”

I sall go intill ane haire with sorrow and sych, and meikle care
And I sall goe in the Divelly nam
Ay whill I com hom againe
(Isobel Gowdie of Auldearn)

In the 1600’s Scotland had one of the highest rates of witchcraft persecution in Europe.
The confessions and the trial of Isobel Gowdie is probably one of our most well known.
Isobel reportedly freely gave testimony of witchcraft and liasons with the faefolk and devil himself.
These words spoken were thought to be her enchantment to shapeshift into a hare.