Francesca Rizzato,

Art Types:

Textile Art,


Francesca Rizzato (La Volpe Cimina)
Needle felting + Wet felting

Size: 8.5′ x 11 inches Framed Size: 10.5′ x 13 inches
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Birds can teach us to fly, in the sky of our dreams.
They are some of the best spirit messengers to work with, because they have the ability to move between words and this open us to the spirit realm.
Whether it’s a hawk, an eagle or a tiny blue-tit, all birds awaken in us a sense of wonder and enchantment with their ability to fly.
They remind us that you can always rise above the circumstances and they are considered the supreme symbols of transcendence.
They have often been considered a symbol of the soul: their ability to fly reflects within us the ability to awaken to a new consciousness, creating a bridge between the earth and the skies.
Many fairies and spirits appears to humans in the form of birds or other winged creatures.
The birds depicted in the painting are the following: blue-tit, crow, barn owl, peregrine falcon, magpie