Michaela Sagatova,

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by Michaela Sagatova

This deity, also known as Beira, is the ancient goddess of the Highlands, personification of winter and protector of wild animals. She carries a magical staff which freezes the ground as she leaps between hilltops bringing snow and frost. During warmer months it is said that she rests in the form of a stone or boulder.
completely hand fabricated with sterling silver sheet
based on an original graphite and coloured pencil sketch
features a large rough rainbow moonstone and a faceted sky blue topaz set on a snowflake
4 layers of sterling silver
long hair flowing, Cailleach walks forth, crystal staff in hand, accompanied by a red deer, lynx and snowy owl
size is 85x62mm
a 16″ removable blackened sterling silver rolo chain is threaded through a large jump ring
this piece is sizeable and quite heavy, take care not to drop