Elm Burr Lamp

Elm Burr Lamp


Kenny Woods,

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Elm Burr Lamp
by Kenny Woods
Polished Elm with Edison Style Bulb

Size: 10 x 10.5 inches with bulb
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Providing the perfect ambient light for your magical and creative practices, soft and gentle with the added strength of the Elm.
Elm is the arbitrator that listens without judgement.
Elm has many medicinal purposes: Infusions from the root bark can treat colds, coughs, fevers and other ailments.
Elm has magical properties, the tree essence energies the mind and balances the heart. It also attracts love, protects and aids in sharpening psychic power.
Elm in the home will attract Love and Harmony.
Elm has a long association with Elves and stand at the entrance to the underworld as a living connection between the living and the dead, the mortals and the wee folk. It’s old name is actually “Elven Wood” to indicate the link with the spirit worlds and faerie realms.
In Greek Mythology the hero Orpheus, having rescued his wife from the underworld by enchanting the inhabitants there with his harp music said that on that very spot the first Elm trees sprouted forth.