Fairy Goddess Áine

Fairy Goddess Áine


Jodie Bews,

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Painting and Drawing,
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Fairy Goddess Áine
by Jodie Bews
7 x 15.5 inches Framed to 12.5 x 20.5inches

(words by my friend Naomi Jade Rosin)
She is warm, like the midsummer sun,
breathing life into the nurturing land that she calls home.
She has wings that shimmer like opals,
and aqua eyes that have only shown love.
She is as pure,
as her milky skin,
And her golden hair glows, like the falling leaves of autumn.
She dances with the sparkling rain,
relishing in the petrichor,
as the warm mist rises from the earth.
Her compassionate soul allures the most timid of creatures.
For she is,
wise, like the owl
Innocent, like the deer
Subtle, like the fox
Resilient, like the badger
And gentle, like the hedgehog.
She remains unseen by man’s eye,
But she is known by the creatures of the forests and the lakes where she resides, as the fairy goddess, Áine.

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