Tammy Wampler,

Art Types:

Painting and Drawing,


Tammy Wampler
Soft pastel and ink on Pastelmat
10×14.5 inches
Custom Framed to 16 x 21 inches

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Guinevere is the sovereign goddess and the flower maiden. In the earliest Celtic myth she is a fiercely beautiful and energizing woman who is loaned to us from the world of Faery. As the goddess of the land, she represents the Earth herself. Whoever possesses Guinevere is the King of the land. The power of the Flower Maid is the power to energize and to transform dullness and lethargy into vibrant beauty (who couldn’t use some of that :). The power to find and fulfill one’s inner nature is the lesson of Guinevere.
I chose two birds to represent and interact with Guinevere, the Robin and the Blue Jay. The Robin is the traditional herald of spring and a symbol of new beginnings. American Indian tribes associated the return of the Sun (spring) with the red robin because it’s red chest is symbolic of the rising sun and its bright yellow beak a symbol of the Sun’s rays lighting the Earth. Spring is the time of the Flower Maiden.
I chose the Blue Jay because the word jay comes from the Latin word Gaea for Mother Earth. This links the Blue Jay directly to the power of the Earth and access to universal energies. It is a perfect bird to represent the sovereign goddess.
The idyllic Camelot is pictured in the background, just over the lake. Irises are blooming all around Guinevere to again bring a feeling of Spring and the alchemy of the Flower Maiden.