High Priestess Collection Necklace

High Priestess Collection Necklace

Artist: Victoria Markham

Art Type: Jewellery

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High Priestess Collection Necklace
Victoria Markham (Silver Orb)

Comes with a mini print of “The High Priestess” by Anita Inverarity (see below)

Size: 80mm with 120mm chain 200mm in total length. The central point is 25x20mm

1 5mm London Blue Topaz
2 Kite shaped labradorites
4 light blue chalcedony
2 topaz – 3mm and 4mm
1 opal

This piece is what inspired the whole collection and the theme, Anita and I came up with for the High Priestess. The silver work is created through reticulation and making the metal molten, adding balls to shape. This piece almost created itself to magic, which I highlighted through the use of stones and some of the extra details.

The labradorite is said to be used for seeing and opening into the magic of all things; seeing within; increasing psychic and magical abilities; initiation into the mysteries. Labradorite known as the ‘bringer of light’, known for it’s iridescence an effect known as labradorescence. It illuminates our spiritual path by dispelling darkness. It is a protective stone, aids uncover unconscious and unconscious belief patterns and heals relationships. The birthstone for November.

Early stonecutters believed topaz to protect against disease, strengthens intellect, lessens sadness and anger and eliminates cowardice. It was believed topaz would become invisible in the presence of poison and is able to create it’s own light. One Mystical saint called Hildegard of Bingen claimed she read prayers in a darkened chapel through the light of a topaz.

The opal is a lightening ridge opal and flashes blues and greens. It is quite magical! Some say opals are the fruits and nuts from the Garden of Eden, turned to stone. Considered by many to be the most magical and luckiest of stones. Affiliated with hope, purity and truth. In the Medieval period, they were believed to capture all the properties of the healing stones. So desired and loved, that when Mark Antony requested the opal of Roman senator, called Nonius in 35BC, the senator decided upon exile rather than to give the stone up. In antiquity many stones in Europe came from Czernowitza, modern day Slovakia, from the 1870’s they come from Australia.

Chalcedony is believed to bring peace, serenity; soothing to all the bodies; peaceful & flowing communication; intuition; inner knowing; calming to the nervous system & overactive mind; enables one to speak one’s truth with the coherent wisdom of the sacred mid; soothing to throat, eye, ear & sinus inflammatory conditions.