High Priestess Collection Ring


High Priestess Collection Ring

Artist: Victoria Markham

Art Type: Jewellery


High Priestess Collection Ring
Victoria Markham (Silver Orb)

Comes with a mini print of “The High Priestess” by Anita Inverarity (see below)

Size: 29mm x 22 mm Band – 4mm Q/8 1/2 This adjustable ring can be made smaller or larger by several sizes.

Sterling silver and opal

This ring was created while I was in a meditative state and almost came together by magic. It contains an opal. Some say opals are the fruits and nuts from the Garden of Eden, turned to stone. Considered by many to be the most magical and luckiest of stones. Affiliated with hope, purity and truth. In the Medieval period, they were believed to capture all the properties of the healing stones. So desired and loved, that when Mark Antony requested the opal of a Roman senator called Nonius in 35BC, the senator decided upon exile rather than to give the stone up. In antiquity many stones in Europe came from Czernowitza, modern day Slovakia, from the 1870’s they come from Australia, such as this one.