Largo di Torre Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina


Jessica Perner,

Art Types:

Painting and Drawing,

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Largo di Torre Argentina
Jessica Perner
Graphite on paper
Art Size 5×7 inches (Framed)

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Protecting the Protectors
Cats are often drawn to areas of historial importance. Many sites around the world have a guardian cat or in the case of Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, Italy there are a colony of feral cats looking after this square which contains the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination.

The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is located in Temple D. The cat shelter was founded in 1993, and offers sterilization and adoption programs that house an estimated 350 cats. The shelter operates as a no-kill shelter under Law no. 281, enacted by the Italian Parliament in 1991. These laws introduced: (i) the cats’ rights to live free and safe, (ii) institutionalization of cat caretakers. The shelter remains active, despite archaeologists protests to dismantle the shelter in favor of protecting the excavation.