Magpie Treasure Trove Ring


Magpie Treasure Trove Ring

Artist: Victoria Markham

Art Type: Jewellery

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Magpie Treasure Trove Ring
Victoria Markham: Silver Orb Jewellery

Bespoke Hand fabricated Silver & Stone Piece featuring Ammolite and Sterling silver.
The collection was formed over many months. The crown and other jewels were made for the inner goddess in all women: strong, beautiful and ethereal. This collection was a labour of love, formed with Anita Inverarity’s art style and beautiful women in mind. The stones in this collection were chosen to represent the feathers of the Magpie, one of my favourite birds.
Size L
Each Jewellery piece in the “Magpie” collection comes with a 4 x 8 inch Thank you card with Anita’s Artwork “Five for Silver”

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