Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay


Tammy Wampler,

Art Types:

Painting and Drawing,


Morgan Le Fay
Tammy Wampler
Soft pastel and ink on Pastelmat
9×10.5 inches
Custom Framed to 15.5 x 19 inches

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A muse I return to. Although in myth she is usually portrayed as an evil enchantress, I tend to like to portray her more as she was in the novel “Mists of Avalon”; a real approachable person with both light and dark sides.
I was very influenced by two Golden Illustrators for this series, the great Arthur Rackham and the amazing Scottish illustrator William Russell Flint. Both often used this golden dusky colored sky to capture a luminescent feeling in their works, I tried to do the same with the golden colored backgrounds.
I wanted to make these works feel vintage and yet timeless. I don’t usually put my women in a certain era’s clothing. I want them to feel eternal in some way- otherworldly.
Morgan’s role in the Arthurian myths is that of challenger. She causes strife in a sense to move the story along. She is also connected to Weaver goddesses as she holds the keys to fate. I drew her looking off into the distance almost as if she is seeing into the future.
Of course I drew Morgan with a raven, as this is the main bird she is always connected to. Ravens are very magical birds holding a lot of symbolism for many cultures around the world. Raven medicine has many facets. They are the Keepers of Secrets. A guide to the unknown and teacher of the mystic, the raven goes into the darkness to return with the light. The raven chooses its students according to their knowledge and stays only as long as needed to impart its lesson and return them to the light. Raven is also the bearer of magic and mysticism. They mimic and use the calls of other species and can teach us how to understand animal language. The raven is a shape shifter and can assist in shifting consciousness into various dimensional realms.