R is for Red Riding Hood

Purry Playtime


Lynda Bell,

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Painting and Drawing,

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Purry Playtime
by Lynda Bell NZ
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas
60 x 60 cm 

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5% of sale price (gallery commission portion) goes towards two local cat charities “Willows Sanctuary” Cat Hotel and Cat Action Trust North East.
Each Adoption from this show helps nudge our target a little higher for the kitties.
Thank you so much.

Little Kitty Riding Hood and her wolf pup are having a gathering in the enchanted forest with all their favourite friends.
This painting depicts the various personalities and lives of nine special cats, as those of us who have cats in our family know.
They all have their individual quirks, unique qualities and hidden talents. When they leave the house for the day, do we really know what they are up to?
Perhaps they are joining these kitties on an adventure…