Roma Collection Pendant

Roma Collection Pendant

Artist: Victoria Markham

Art Type: Jewellery

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Roma Collection Pendant
Victoria Markham (Silver Orb)
Dinosaur bone, peridot, 9 ct gold and sterling silver pendant.
Comes with a mini print of “Roma” by Anita Inverarity (see below)

Size: 30mm x 37mm

Red Dinosaur bone
4 peridots
9 carat gold circle and semi-circle
Sterling silver and 9 ct gold leaves
Sterling Silver snake chain

The beautiful dinosaur bone was cut and hand polished from a British stonecutter, ethically sourced. Dinosaur bone is a very rare material, which is the fossilized remains of real dinosaurs. Agate grows in between the cells agitising the bone to make it hard, and the different minerals present give it the different colours, the best material comes from Utah.
The peridots are said to bring joy; abundance; connection with the Earth and nature; physical & heart healing. For millennia they were highly prized amongst Kings and Queens, used for the most important of relics, adornments on thrones and mentioned in the bible as one of the 12 most precious gems. In the Middle ages they were seen as magical and could protect the wearer against evil. They are formed, similar to diamonds, from the Earths mantle and come to the surface via volcanos. Peridots occasionally come from outer space, called Pallasite, they have even been found on Mars. Originally only found on the Island of Zabargad, Egypt, they were so important, the Egyptians had armed guards to protect the Island. They now are sourced from America, Burma, China, Zambia and Pakistan.