Roma Collection Ring

Roma Collection Ring


Victoria Markham,

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Roma Collection Ring
Victoria Markham (Silver Orb)
Boulder Opal, Garnet and Peridot Ring
Comes with a mini print of “Roma” by Anita Inverarity (see below)

Size: 25x25mm 3mm band size P/8

Boulder opal
6 natural faceted garnets
6 natural peridot cabochons

The textured band is adjustable so will expand several sizes, the smallest size being a UK P/ USA 8.

Queensland Boulder Opal – This beautiful gem flashes pinks, greens reds and blues and truly is a special stone. Some say opals are the fruits and nuts from the Garden of Eden, turned to stone. Considered by many to be the most magical and luckiest of stones. Affiliated with hope, purity and truth. In the Medieval period, they were believed to capture all the properties of the healing stones. So desired and loved, that when Mark Antony requested the opal of a Roman senator called Nonius in 35BC, the senator decided upon exile rather than to give the stone up. In antiquity many stones in Europe came from Czernowitza, modern day Slovakia, from the 1870’s they come from Australia, which is where this one originates.

Garnets provides strength, fortitude and security. It is said they can keep you grounded, bringing a feeling of good health and boundless vitality. They are used for psychic protection because they aid with the root chakra, therefore making you less open to negative influences on other people. Garnets can be dated back as far as 3500BC discovered on a necklace of an Egyptian mummified body. Its name derived form Latin word ‘granatus’ as it is a similar shape to a pomegranate seed and in Greek mythology, this is the fruit regarded as the gift of love. Noah is supposed to have used the gem to light the inside the ark.

The peridots are said to bring joy; abundance; connection with the Earth and nature; physical & heart healing. For millennia they were highly prized amongst Kings and Queens, used for the most important of relics, adornments on thrones and mentioned in the bible as one of the 12 most precious gems. In the Middle ages they were seen as magical and could protect the wearer against evil. They are formed, similar to diamonds, from the Earths mantle and come to the surface via volcanoes. Peridots occasionally come from outer space, called Pallasite, they have even been found on Mars. Originally only found on the Island of Zabargad, Egypt, they were so important, the Egyptians had armed guards to protect the Island. They now are sourced from America, Burma, China, Zambia and Pakistan.