Sacred Lands


Sacred Lands


Ros O'Neill,

Art Types:

Painting and Drawing,


Sacred Lands
Ros O Neill
Size: 8 x 10 and in ornate frame

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Scottish culture is rich in myths and superstitions but the magical unicorn is perhaps the most loved because it’s the country’s national animal.
A symbol of purity, nobility, courage and masculine power in Celtic mythology and far beyond.
The sacred bond of the mythical unicorn and Scotland is associated with the country’s heraldry and was first used as a symbol of power and strength by King William 1 in the 12th century.
I’ve used a Highland Pony native horse as the unicorn and a few other symbols of Scotland including standing stones, a castle, hills and glens, loch, thistles, heather, celtic knotwork, pictish symbols and a wee bit tartan ribbon.