Selkie Tears Pendant

Selkie Tears Pendant

Artist: Victoria Markham

Art Type: Jewellery

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Selkie Tears Pendant
Silver Orb Jewellery (Victoria Markham)
Sterling Silver with Amethysts, Tanzanite, Parasiolite Amethyst and a Sparkling Blue Sapphire
56 mm Length and 40 mm wide (Ethically sourced stones)

Made in collaboration with Anita Inverarity. I designed this piece which is worn by her Selkie maiden which can also be found in this show.
I imagined the wearer of this piece walking through the heather and could feel her deep ache for the water.
The call of the waves would inevitibly draw her back home to the sea.
The stones I chose reflect the beautiful heather coloured hills and the sparkle of the ocean, the dual nature of the Selkie bride.