Selkie Tears


Selkie Tears


Anita Inverarity,

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Painting and Drawing,

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Selkie Tears
Anita Inverarity

Available to order in signed limited edition print.

Size: 8 inches across.
Mounted and backed.

Limited to 25 editions.

Tales of the Selkie folk are very common in the Northern Scottish Isles of Shetland and Orkney and appear to be quite distinct from the Fin Folk mythology although often intertwined.
The stories about shapeshifting seals (therianthropy) taking on a human form stretch across to Iceland and the Faroe Isles too.
Commonly the Selkie maiden in human form is found bathing on the shore and a human male will be enchanted by her beauty, luring her away and hiding her seal skin so that she has to marry him and stay forever on the land.
The Selkie always longs however for the sea and the freedom of the waves, so can never truly be happy until she recovers her dual nature. It is said at the earliest opportunity when finding her seal skin she will slip into the sea never to be seen again.
Included in this drawing is a gorgeous pendant piece which was inspired by Silver Orb Jewellery and is available in this exhibition along with a Fish charm necklace in turn inspired by this art.