Shetland Wulver

Shetland Wulver


Michaela Sagatova,

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Shetland Wulver
by Michaela Sagatova

Not all creatures of Scottish lore are malevolent. The Wulver is a benevolent gentle werewolf-like creature said to inhabit the Shetland Islands. Unlike true werewolves the Wulver is not a shapeshifter and was never human. They are peace loving beings, fond of fishing, and are often spotted fishing off a rock in a deep water loch. Kind hearted and gentle they have been observed leaving fish on the window sills or porches of homes with families in need of food. They have also been known to beckon lost travelers and guide them to nearby villages. It is said that the last reported sighting of a Wulver was quite recent, circa 20th century.
completely hand fabricated with sterling silver sheet
based on an original graphite sketch
features a sparkling collector’s grade uvarovite druzy (green garnet)
15 hand cut and forged moonflowers on a bed of grass.
a Wulver floats in the lotus position, with fine stamped detail, against a full moon
a hidden bail at the back with a removable blackened sterling silver 18″ crescent chain
size of pendant is 68x58mm