The Green Lady


The Green Lady

Artist: Lucy Brydon

Art Type: Painting & Drawing


The Green Lady
Lucy Brydon
Watercolour & Gouache
Framed Size: 11 x 14 inches

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There is many a castle in Scotland with a “Green Lady” but this ghost story from Crathes Castle is one that haunts the memory of any child growing up in the North East.
The Green Lady has been seen in “her room” many times, often pacing with an infant in her arms.
She can sometimes been seen wandering the gardens by the dovecot too.
Queen Victoria has reportedly encountered her whilst staying at the castle but her identity remains a mystery.
The most prevailing was a distraced servant who fell pregrant out of wedlock and had to flee the castle.
A sinister development occurred in the 1800’s when renovations were taking place.
A woman and child’s skeleton were found under the hearthstone of a fireplace.
Was there foulplay in the distant past?
The mystery continues according to this version from the Visit Scotland website.