The Kelpie Stone

The Kelpie Stone


Anita Inverarity,

Art Types:

Painting and Drawing,

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The Kelpie Stone
Anita Inverarity
Ink on Illustration Board
Art Size 12.5 x 13.5 inches
Framed Size 19 x 21.5 inches

Custom framing in solid wood. White with white mount and dark grey inner mount.

Inspired by the mysterious Pictish art forms and symbolism of our ancestors.
The “Pictish beast” is a prolific art-form and enduring mystery in the legacy of carvings left behind by the Picts.
Many have debated this distinct and obviously important creature but we perhaps shall never truly know what is lost to the mists of time. I like the idea of the beast being “mythical” in origin, so just maybe the lore around water horses and kelpies can be found in plain sight.