The Nine Lives of Papaye


The Nine Lives of Papaye


Camille Pfister,

Art Types:

Painting and Drawing,


The Nine Lives of Papaye
Camille Pfister FRANCE
Gouache, Acrylics, Color pencils, Watercolors, Markers and Inks on Arches paper
Size of the frame: 43 x 33 cm (16,93in x 12,99in)

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5% of sale price (gallery commission portion) goes towards two local cat charities “Willows Sanctuary” Cat Hotel and Cat Action Trust North East.
Each Adoption from this show helps nudge our target a little higher for the kitties.
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From bottom left to top right:
ONE- The Golden Age: in Ancient Egypt, Papaye was the goddess Bastet. She’s here with her son Mihos and protecting tiny Pharaoh.
TWO-. The cursed life: in Hindu mythology, the king of dogs Indra appeared to Ahalya as Papaye and seduced her. They were both cursed by her husband. Papaye’s body was now filled with what what she always sought, which was after turned into thousand eyes.
THREE- Live fast, ride fast: in Norse mythology , Papaye was the goddess Freyja, driving in the sky her chariot pulled by munchkin cats.
FOUR- The satanic time: in the 17th century, in colonial Massachusetts, Papaye was fealty accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.
FIVE- The revenge life: in ancient Japan, Papaye was a Kaibyo and was thirsty for revenge.
SIX- Living the dream: in 17th century, Mme d’Aulnoy wrote Papaye her own fairytale: “La Chatte Blanche” (“The white cat)
SEVEN- The regnal years: in Versailles, Papaye was an active member of the Court of Louis XV.
EIGHT-The “artiste” life: Papaye was the favorite cats of jean Cocteau and his muse.
NINE- All those lives for… this…

Upcycled “house” frame in pink wash. Please note although mediums are sealed for long term protection a glass or perspex front to the piece could be fitted.
We would advise this and a framer can do this at a small price. If you wish to have this done before recieving your art please ask and we will be happy to arrange at cost.