The Secrets of Cothiemuir

The Secrets of Cothiemuir


Jodie Bews,

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Painting and Drawing,

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The Secrets of Cothiemuir
Jodie Bews
Artwork size: 7 x 15.5 inches
Framed size: 12.5 x 20 inches

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The Cothiemuir Standing Stones are located near the village of Keig between Alford and Insch in the North East of Scotland.
The preserved site lies within a woodland clearing, the lichen covered circle with huge recumbant stone, the largest in Europe is an impressive sight as you come across it’s gentle slumber amongst the moss and trees.
The site lies near a modern natural burial site which also comands a sense of reverie and quiet contemplation.
Most definately a place to enjoy the silence and share with the ancestors. In the silence there are secrets and also magic.