The Sorceress Necklace Three

The Sorceress Necklace Three


Kay Reid,

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The Sorceress Necklace Three
Kay Reid (Hamespun)
With Gold Focal Pendant Bead

The necklaces measure approximately 18 1/2” (47cm) long
The Sorceress Necklaces were inspired by a Pagan Lady’s necklace found during an excavation on the Isle of Man. The high-status nature of her burial led experts to believe she was held in great esteem & possibly a shaman, sorceress or wise-woman. Her beads were traced to the four corners of the world, some already ancient when she had first worn them, each one holding different properties & meaning. This collection of beads strung as a necklace seemed so full of magic and vibrancy, and are as beautiful now as 1200 years ago.
They were made with an eclectic mix of ancient, antique & vintage beads; of semi precious stones, amber, glass & wood. Dorset Cartwheels form the fasteners, woven in waxed cotton & finished with gilding wax. This style of hand-crafted button only gained popularity in the 1600s but it was the symbolism of the wheel and the cyclical nature of life that brought these to mind to make for the Sorceress necklaces.