The Trickser

The Trickster

Artist: Tammy Wampler

Art Type: Painting & Drawing

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The Trickster
by Tammy Wampler
Pastel on Pastelmat (Framed)

Size: 9 x 12 inches Framed 12 x 15 inches
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In Native American legends the raven is often simultaneously the creator of the Universe and the Trickster.
In my piece “The Trickster” I wanted to explore these two paradoxes and tie them in with the concept of magic.
We often think of magic as something that exists outside of ourselves.
It is some elusive, mystical thing that we are looking for out in the world of matter.
Yet it is not a thing of matter, but of spirit. In my painting raven is in the World Tree breathing the universe into existence and it exists within the woman.
At the same time raven is appearing as the trickster, offering the woman a medicine bag marked with the rune Gebo (the rune of spiritual gifts).
The woman looks at the bag of spiritual gifts not realizing she already has the gifts within her.
The Raven will always be around to distract us from ourselves.
This is the job of the creator/trickster.
Until we realize our biggest lesson, the kingdom of heaven (or kingdom of magic) is within.