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Ulla Anobile,

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Ulla Anobile
Paper Mache, Found Wood, Acrylics, Hand Embroidery, Wool, Rayon Felt
Size: 10.25 x 3.75 inches
Price: 90 GBP (Post 5UK 10INT)

Many myths described a place called Lintukoto (Bird Home), a pleasant realm in the sky accessible via a small opening in the far horizon. In present-day Finnish language, ‘lintukoto’ means a kind of utopia; in political language it is snidely used of a politician’s pie-in-the-sky promises that are impossible to fulfil in real life.

Some Finnish folk stories about the afterlife hint at the idea of souls at some point returning to a new physical existence. Birds are mentioned as guides or carriers of souls to and from the next realm. In many parts of Finland people believed, and not that long ago, that dead relatives might return to visit the living as small yard birds. The concept of a ‘soul bird’ was well known in old-time Finland.