Water of Life


Water of Life

Artist: Watergaw Ceramics

Art Type: Ceramics

Art Type: Misc

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Water of Life
Uisge- Beatha
Fiona Duckett (Watergaw Ceramics)
Lustre Glaze Ceramics

Height: 33 inches
Width : 19 inches
Depth : 19 inches

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This shrine to “the water of life” Scottish Whisky is inspired by the Pagoda Roofed distilleries we have here in Scotland. Watergaw Ceramics Pottery is close to many of these beautiful buildings around the Moray Coast and North East. Traditional malt kilns draw the hot air from the peat furnace through the malt by way of a chimney effect generated by the characteristic steep roofs and pagoda heads . The pagoda roof was introduced around the 1890s as it offered an improved air draught. Fiona’s beautiful shrine features the stills as small “Buddha” worshipping inside and comes with “offerings” of many tiny “coins” which are individually stamped with Whiskey makers marks and seals. The piece was originally presented at Pot Fest and we are delighted to exhibit “Water of Life” in our Gathering as the perfect centre piece.
The shrine comes in several pieces for safe transportation (we will pack carefully for you) but has a few mended fractures so we are unable to ship because of the strain that might put on the sculpture. These do not distract from the beauty of the piece in any way. Please come and see if you can, this would look incredible in a hothouse garden or distillery shop where it could be used as part of the tour for collections. The price reflects the repaired areas on the roof and one leg.