Water Witcher

Water Witcher

Artist: Julia Inglis

Art Type: Misc

Art Type: Sculpture

Art Type: Textile Art

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Water Witcher
Sacred Familiar (Julia Inglis)
Felted and Found Spirit Doll

Height TBC (about 3 times the normal doll size)

She is a water dowser and diviner. Inspired by ancient spirits that live through the channels of energy in the land.
I suppose she is connected to the folklore of the earth in Scotland.
I had thought she would be more about mythology and stories but I kept seeing the land so strongly.
She wanted to be only dressed in colours of the earth and raw fleeces and wool that I gathered on my last trip to Scotland, her wool comes mainly from the Isle of Skye and also the Shetland Isles. She holds a flat piece of slate divided by a line of clear quartz crystal that I found in the water in Ballachulish near the site where the Ballachulish Goddess was found.
The stone and yarn is her ‘pendulum’ for dowsing and water witching.

On her dress are circles made of nettle and wool to represent the water ripples of the secret and forgotten springs and wells and also the ‘cup and ring’ ancient stone markings found in Scotland. Secret languages that she understands.
She is huge compared to my other dolls! This was a bit of a revelation, that she wanted to be quite plain in dress but very tall.
She’s about 3 times the size of my normal dolls and now I am hooked.
I see her as a doll to help be a bridge to the ancestors, she can help us to find the ancient springs that have been forgotten and also loved ones that we have lost contact with too.