Baobhan Sith


Baobhan Sith


Michaela Sagatova,

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Baobhan Sith
White Woman of the Highlands
by Michaela Sagatova

Legend has it that this Scottish vampire took the form of a beautiful seductress who preyed on young travelers by night.
Luring unsuspecting men into the secluded countryside under the pretence of dancing she would exsanguinate or suck the life force from her victim.

completely hand fabricated with sterling silver sheet
based on an original ink sketch
faceted almandine garnet as the setting sun
huge multi coloured flash Madagascar labradorite is enveloped by trees and hills of the Highlands
4 layers of silver
the banshee floats above the twilight highlands searching her prey
size is 65x60mm
a removable 18″ blackened sterling silver cable chain
hidden bail on back