Death of a Druid

Death of a Druid


Babs Webb,

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Painting and Drawing,

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Death of a Druid
Babs Webb
Powdered Graphite on Bristol

Art Size: 5 x 7 inches
Framed size: 10 x 12 inches

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I’ve always been fascinated by Celtic culture, though I’ll admit I’m no
expert on the subject, far from it actually. What I do know is that
the Druids were high-ranking professionals within ancient Celtic tribes
(though today they’re better known as the elvin mage class from high
fantasy games and literature).

Celtic Druids were religious leaders as well as judges, teachers, and
military advisors. While the druids were literate, they are believed to
have been prevented by doctrine from recording their knowledge in
written form and therefore left no written accounts of themselves. They
are however attested in some detail by their contemporaries from other
cultures, such as the Romans and the Greeks.

Were there Druids in Scotland? It’s likely. During the Roman period,
Scotland was at one time called “Pictland” by Ptolemy, a Greco-Egyptian
writer and astronomer, and Pliney the Elder, a Roman military commander
and writer. Pictland was a reference to the Picts, a confederation of
Celtic tribes which resided to the north of the Antonine Wall. One of
the Pictish tribes, the Caledonians, gave the area it’s other name,

The Druids are enigmatic and difficult to research, tightroping between
history and myth, but perhaps it was their mysterious nature that drew
me to them as a subject matter. For those of you who identify with or
descend from Celtic culture, I hope I did them some justice! (Babs)