Selkie Cuff

Selkie Cuff

Artist: Victoria Markham

Art Type: Jewellery

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Selkie Cuff
Silver Orb Jewellery (Victoria Markham)
Sterling Silver with an Amethyst Cabochon on one side and lovely Prehnite on the other
The circle detail measure 20mm by 20mm

This beautiful bracelet takes inspiration from ancient celtic arm and wrist cuffs with the spirit of the “Selkie Collection” running through it.
The metalwork is very organic. I heat the metal to almost melting point allowing it to fuse and change, rather like the shapeshifting nature of the Selkie.
Again the Amethyst represents the heather of the land and the lovely rutilations in the Prehnite the hair of the Selkie maid floating on the sea before she changes into seal form.